Need Help Setting Up Your Business Or Residential Networks?

Let our team of IT professionals help provide network solutions for your business, government agency, or residential home.

Network Configuration and Set-up

After your cable company has set up your router for you, do you know what is needed to stay protected? Have you positioned it properly to get the most out of the Wi-Fi? Do you notice dead spots in areas in your home or office space? Do you have secure connections to be able to work and protect your data?

RCS has highly qualified IT professionals to help educate and teach you how to manage your Wi-Fi setup and cabled connections. Protecting personal and client data from online thieves by setting up your network with the right protocols, passwords, and VPN pass throughs the first go around will aid in your ability to successfully work and use your internet connection with ease. 

Enhanced Wi-Fi Connection

Accessing the internet is extremely necessary for almost all facets of life. Simply utilizing Wi-Fi routers given to you by cable companies in your home residence or business will no longer cut it. They do not provide the necessary radius and zoning for larger homes and office spaces to have strong Wi-Fi signals everywhere. 

Let us design your network to best suit your residential or business needs.

Network Set-Up and Installation:

  • Cabling
  • Wi-Fi Location Design
  • Network Software Set-up
  • Software education
  • Password Set-up
  • Product Firmware updates (Wireless access points)
  • Network equipment and hardware install
  • Deploying workstations
  • VPN set-up
  • Remote access